Non-denominational Ministry, San Diego, CA, wedding Officiant

“Tom and I cannot thank you enough for making our Wedding Celebration so special. Your commitment to help and guide us on planning, writing our ceremony and officiating made our celebration exceptional. Your warm-hearted and kind demeanor made it even that more special. Many thanks again.” — Tom and Lynda P

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Non-Denominational Minister and Wedding Officiant for Your Ceremonies and Blessings

As an ordained Non-Denominational Minister and Wedding Officiant in San Diego, I have been facilitating ceremonies created specifically for couples
and families since 1995. Working together, I create a ceremony that reflects
all that you hold important and it would be my pleasure to work with you.

Your choice of Heart-Centered Ceremonies include:

    • Wedding Ceremonies
    • Renewal of Vows
    • House Blessings
    • Same Sex (visit LGBT Marriages page)
    • Commitment Celebrations
    • Civil, Traditional, Contemporary
    • Spiritual, Religious or Non-Religious

Creating Your Marriage Ceremony

beach wedding, La Jolla, bride and groom slippersOne of the first questions that I am asked when a couple contacts me regarding
their upcoming Marriage Ceremony is:

"Does the Ceremony need to be religious?"
My answer over the past 16 years has been "No, it does not."

Your Wedding Ceremony is the center of your Marriage Celebration and should reflect your beliefs as it is the outward pronouncement to your friends and family that you have chosen to join hearts and hands to travel life’s road together.

Celebrating Life Ministry offers the following Wedding Ceremonies:

Civil Wedding Ceremony includes:

Location Wedding Ceremony includes:

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Marry Us: Ensuring I'm Available for Your Special Day!

Choosing a Wedding Officiant is very important. And as a Universal Life Non-Denominational Minster, I honor all religions and traditions. I believe and respect in the couple's right to their own spiritual needs and beliefs. I truly believe that one's Life should be celebrated so when I am asked to participate it is an honor.

If you feel that you would like me to be your Wedding Officiant and in order to ensure that I may be available for your Special Day, and to best assess your needs, please provide the following information:

Date of Ceremony:
Time of Ceremony:
Location/Venue of Ceremony:
Type of Ceremony: (Traditional, Civil, Spiritual, Contemporary etc.)
Telephone Number: (the best number to reach you)

Please feel free to contact me by:
Telephone: 619.820.8541

Renewal of Vows Ceremony

When a couple chooses to Renew their Marriage Vows, no matter how many years they have been married it is a very special celebration.
Couples chose to celebrate that they have joined together and are committed to one another unconditionally. Many things in their lives may have changed,
but the unconditional love, friendship, respect and trust have grown deeper through the years. Some couples chose to celebrate with the two of them and
an Officiant in a private setting that holds special memories for them. They might chose the place where they first met, got engaged or just shared a special moment together. Other couples may choose a Renewal Celebration that is like their Marriage Ceremony — a formal setting, attire and reception of family
and guests. Regardless of the setting the emotions are very much the same and I would be honored to be your Officiant.

Congratulations and much happiness in your future together!